Friday, October 29, 2010

Charlie, Kobe & Tiger!

Charlie Sheen was arrested Wednesday after going into a racial and profanity laced rage in a New York hotel according to the New York Daily News. Charlie went into a rage after 22 year-old Capri Anderson requested $12,000 before the 2 had sexual relations. Prior to this, the couple had smoked cocaine in the room. Charlie Sheen is the highest paid actor on television and has had numerous brushes with the law. America tried to tear down both Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods for their indiscretions. We know that Kobe has fully recovered and headed towards Top 5 All-Time in the NBA, while Tiger had a rough year but could be seen smiling last night while attending the Orlando Magic basketball game. Neither man was broken down by the media deluge which is a testament to their will.
Charlie Sheen is not completely getting a pass in this situation, admittedly because he's a "bad boy." However, if he truly was spewing the N-word continuously because he didn't want to give Ms. Anderson $12,000, he should be held accountable by the media, fans and his employer.