Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jesse Jr.'s Girl!

I guess Eddie Long has taken up all of our time with the allegations against him, that we ignored the end of a once promising political career for Jesse Jackson Jr.. Jesse was exposed as having a social acquaintance in Giovana Huidobro, who Jesse's buddy Raghu Nayak told Feds that he personally paid to have flown from Washington to Chicago on at least two occasions on Jackson's behalf. Jackson has slanted it as a private matter that has been handled by him and his wife, however, Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell takes it a little deeper, stating that Jackson has positioned himself as the pro-black candidate who has taken on a blond "social acquaintance" in this article.
Truthfully, Barack Obama's ascendance ended Jesse Jackson Jr.'s rising political career. The Jackson name simply carried too much baggage and Obama was a fresh face with a fresh message. This scandal will simply be a footnote in what could've been an even more promising and effective political career.

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