Friday, August 6, 2010

Can Tiger Regain His Form?

Every week that Tiger Woods tees up for a tournament I think it's the week that I'll see the old Tiger, sinking putts that no one else can sink in pressure situations and hitting shots that only he can pull off on a regular basis. With each passing week though it appears that the old Tiger is no where to be found at least for this year. Yesterday in the first round of the Bridgetone Invitational, Woods shot a 4 over 74 and is 10 shots off the lead. His putts were either to the left or right of the intended target and let's not begin to discuss the wayward tee shots.

Tiger Woods has never gone through a year without winning a tournament, but it's looking like this may be the year. He just looks like the fire isn't there and he's just going through the motions. With the turmoil that's taken place in his life, his performances this year are understandable but still surprising given Woods legendary focus on the links.

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