Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shirley Sherrod Offered Job Back!

Shirley Sherrod continued to make news yesterday in a good way, when USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack and White House spokesman Robert Gibbs apologized for the rush to judgement that took place when she was asked to resign Monday because of a speech that she gave months ago that gave a hint of possible racist views. The segment of the speech, which was brilliantly edited was telling a story of her ultimately assisting a Georgia family in keeping their farm and preventing them from going into bankruptcy.

Sherrod, who was also offered a new job, has been vindicated but has not decided if she should accept the job offer. This whole story should be a case study on racism, politics and the media in our country. The rush to judgement on a assumed racist statement before knowing the facts is ridiculous. The political slant with the White House's involvement is still unknown, and the media's dictating of forced resignation is comical. It's amazing that the White House doesn't have a backbone. Being the first black president doesn't mean a thing if you don't stand for something.

Shirley Sherrod is to be commended for not backing down and calling out everyone involved to save her good name including the White House.

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