Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Is Wooing Of King James Justified?

LeBron James is just a few hours away from becoming an unrestricted free agent and able to negotiate with any team in the N.B.A.. The fascinating thing about the wooing of the 2 time MVP is that while James is undoubtedly a great player, he is heading into his 8th season in the league and has yet to win a championship. Yes it can be argued that he hasn't had the supporting cast of Kobe Bean Bryant, but his mental toughness justifiably came into question this year when his team the Cleveland Cavaliers lost in the playoffs to the Boston Celtics after having the league's best record.

It has to asked whether LeBron James is as tough as fellow peers Bryant and Dwyane Wade, who also has a championship. If LeBron James wants to have the legacy of a Bryant he needs to stay with his current team and ultimately lead them to the promised land. He has an owner that is willing to spend money, and he needs to trust management to make the right decisions as well as his teammates. A one man band cannot win a championship, just as Kobe.

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