Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Was This Jamie Foxx's Stupid Moment?

Jamie Foxx has a hit cd, and potential Oscar nominated performance in his new movie "The Soloist" and he goes and doggs Miley Cyrus for her dissing of Radiohead. The Los Angeles Times' Dish Rag reports that Foxx and his buddies went straight to the gutter on Ms. Cyrus, "on his satellite show "The Foxxhole":

After discussing her diss of Radiohead, Foxx and his pals in the studio are heard criticizing Cyrus' physical appearance (her gums, in particular) and making other unkind comments directed at her, including suggestions that she should "make a sex tape and grow up," do heroin, smoke crack and catch a sexually transmitted disease from a bicycle seat.

I guess Jamie forgot that he has a daughter not much younger that the 16 year-old Cyrus.

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