Friday, December 18, 2009

Did Chris Henry Have A Death Wish?

A witness to the initial stages of Chris Henry jumping onto the yellow pick up truck that ultimately set in motion events that led to his death stated that Henry was banging on the truck and threatened to jump off if fiance Loleini Tonga didn't stop the truck as she sped from her parents home in Charlotte, NC according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. It appeared that Henry had escaped his previous demons, but obviously something went awry for him on Wednesday, and sadly his 3 children are now fatherless.


rakeback said...

This was a tragic way for Chris Henry's life to end. He had overcome many personal and professional struggles, and its too bad there wasnt a happy ending!

Anonymous said...

No, he didn't have a death wish I believe. He turned his life around and was grateful to have gotten a second chance with the Bengals.
In spite of the outcome, he was acting responsibly, albeit dangerously.
You should see the tire track marks on the front lawn of the house. This girl was going to kill someone that day, and I think he was trying to prevent that.
I don't believe the eyewitness account that he threatened to jump.
Well, the dumb b*tch just gave her two children a curse: no father. She also gave herself a rep: the b*tch who killed Chris Henry. The only kind of men who will be available to her will be thugs and undercover homos. Serves her right.
RIP Chris Henry. The lies doen't fool everyone.

Anonymous said...

The "fiance" (killer) is really one unpolished, ungroomed hot mess! She had the nerve to show up at the funeral trying to pass her eldest child off as CH's son. She actually spoke. Her hair wasn't done, and she needs to get her mustache waxed off.
She is definitely about to go on the obesity/diabetic/old hooker trail, so she will get hers. Karma is a bitch.

Anonymous said...

You got that right! That ugly ass bitch was un polished and a hot mess! Then the stupid bitch had the nerve to shop at his funeral and give a fake ass speech about in love they were and how that hoe was going marry Chris in heaven. That bitch got me fucked up because Chris never loved that ugly ass hoe and that ugly bitch will never marry Chris in heaven! And everyone around Chris know none of those kids are his and knows that bitch is a hoe and had those kids by three different men! That bitch's hair wasn't even done and need that mustache waxed off looking like a monkey! Chris was my ex fiance and the father of my child and we had dated for 7 years and were engaged for 7 years ass well and he told me this bitch was just another hoe to him! This bitch was just something to do! I hope the bitch rots in hell for murdering Chris and getting away with it!