Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dr. J Takes Up Residence In Atlanta!

Julius Erving better known as "Dr. J" is now 59 years old living the life of a father and grandfather in Atlanta. Erving now owns and runs a golf course in the area, and this weekend will be hosting the NBA Retired Players Association’s Legends World Sports Summit, which will feature a banquet and seminars before concluding with a golf tournament at his Celebrity Golf Club International.

"Dr. J" had taken up residence in Utah until 2005, and says that Atlanta feels right for him, his second wife and 3 young children. Surprisingly Erving states that since he was known for his creative dunks while performing his aerial acts on the basketball court, he's always completed at least one dunk a year, but has yet to make the attempt this year. The Atlanta Journal Constitution provided the Erving update.

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