Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Manhattan Aide Resigns After Facebook Rant!

The New York Post reports that an aide to Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer was forced to resign after postings on her Facebook page were discovered concerning the Skip Gates arrest controversy. Lee Landor posted the following statement on her Facebook page:

"I get it -- white men have dominated for hundreds of years and there's a lot of anger there. But HOW MUCH MORE can the white people do to correct past injustices of their ancestors?" wrote Lee Landor, 24, who had worked as deputy press secretary for Stringer.

"If Mr. Big Shot Harvard would have kept his mouth shut, shown his ID and not started yelling at a police officer, he never would have been arrested. So please, its time to get over this 'It's because I'm black' bull- - - -" she added.

Hope the statements were worth it to the 24 year-old.

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