Friday, June 19, 2009

Stallworth Suspended Indefinitely By NFL!

Commissioner Roger Goodell did the right thing yesterday and suspended wide receiver Donte' Stallworth indefinitely for his guilty plea this week on DUI manslaughter charges. Stallworth, who is presently serving 30 days in jail for killing pedestrian Mario Reyes, hopefully will be suspended for the entire season. His wealth undoubtedly contributed to reaching a monetary settlement with the Reyes family, and the minimal sentence in terms of jail time. Goodell has always said that playing in the NFL is a privilege, so the right thing is for Stallworth's work privileges to be revoked for at least one season.


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha ONE season??? WOW! He took a life. I dont care if the victim didnt walk in the cross walk or not. He was DRUNK, and irresponsible and KILLED.
Must be nice to have a lot of money. If that was ME. I would do at least 7 years.

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