Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Still Have Something Left Joe Dumars!

Chauncey Billups is quietly giving Detroit Pistons head Joe Dumars the middle finger by proving that he has plenty left in the gas tank. He's torched the reigning best point guard in basketball Chris Paul while leading the Denver Nuggets to a 2-0 series lead over the New Orleans Hornets. Chauncey is proving that talent and effort trump what anyone thinks about you, and he's also proving perhaps that Allen Iverson has been a fraud all of these years.


Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Denver achieved a great one, when Dumars traded Billups to Denver. Iverson was a good shooter, but he did not defend well, play consistent team ball on the court, and did not promote good leadership overall. Billups does all that and more. And,because Detroit foolishly got rid of him, he has extra motivation to play very well during the playoffs. And so far he is. Denver has won its first two playoff games, and Billups has been the difference in both of them.

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