Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Have You Ever Seen A 401K For A Crack Dealer?

Rapper T.I.'s MTV show "Road to Redemption" concluded last night with T.I. primarily being interviewed by Sway and later meeting with the young men and one young woman that he tried to impact during the show. Unfortunately one young man has been arrested for attempted murder and wasn't able to be at the meeting, however, T.I. true to his word has vowed to stand behind him.

Towards the end of the show T.I. gave an analogy that was so simple, yet made so much sense. He talked about taking two 15 year-olds with one working at McDonalds and the other dealing drugs. He correctly stated that all things being equal the McDonalds worker will be much better at the 10 year point. The drug dealer undoubtedly will probably be in jail, or worse dead in 10 years, and that everything has to be looked at from a long term standpoint. He also correctly stated that from a simple financial planing standpoint that crack dealers don't get 401K's set up for them. Just a little wisdom from someone who will begin serving jail time next month, but has been fortunate enough to apparently beat the odds and wants to spread a little wisdom.


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