Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dave Bing In A 29 Year-Old Mix-Up!

Detroit mayoral candidate Dave Bing spent yesterday answering questions about a 29 year-old discrepancy regarding when he graduated from Syracuse University. Bing has always claimed that he graduated in 1966, when in reality he officially received his degree in 1995. The discrepancy regarding the dates is tied to an incomplete that Bing received in a business course. Bing, who is new to the political game, having become a NBA Hall of Famer and successful businessman in the Detroit area, also stated that he received an MBA from Kettering University, when he did not receive one.

Bing has to understand that all political candidates are responsible for any previous statements that have been made that prove to be false. The citizens of Detroit have to decide if these misstatements ultimately lead to his demise as the future mayor of Detroit. Thanks to the Detroit Free Press for the article.

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