Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I've Had Enough!

Donovan McNabb has spent 10 years in Philadelphia, led them to 5 NFC Championship games and a Super Bowl appearance. He's never truly been appreciated, and it appears now that McNabb has had enough, and may be looking for a smooth way out despite still having 2 years remaining on his contract. According to Michael Smith of ESPN.com McNabb has informed the Eagles that unless they upgrade the team, that he's not interested in a contract extension, and may request a trade.

I applaud McNabb for using the little leverage that he has as arguably the most important player on the team. He's been lambasted in the "City of Brotherly Love" for not coming up big in tight situations, but the one season that he had a Pro Bowl caliber receiver, he took the team to the Super Bowl.

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Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

I'm amazed that they didn't bring in a top receiver to help McNabb. They don't realize what they had until he is gone.

And I have no respect for Philadelphia fans, no matter the sport. Remember: they are famous for how they treated Jackie Robinson. They called him the N word and threw watermelons on the field. They're still stupid today. They have great black ballplayers there now, and they still don't give them much respect.