Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oprah Amused By Blago Senate Talk!

Soon to be departed Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich announced yesterday during his talk show rounds that he considered Oprah Winfrey for the Senate Seat left vacant by President Barack Obama. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Winfrey called into her BFF Gayle King's Sirius radio show and the two had the following exchange:

"I think that's amusing," Winfrey said. "So I guess you're under consideration, but nobody tells you you're under consideration."

"Yep," King said. "That's how it goes."

Winfrey said she was "absolutely not" interested, questioning how she could fit official government duties in with "my day job, my mid-day job, my night job, my radio job, my magazine job."

"I think I could be a senator," she said. "I'm just not interested. I think I could be a senator, too."

Winfrey said she was meditating, "watching the sun take its place over the horizon, over the lake" when King called.

Had she instead been exercising on the treadmill, watching "Good Morning America," as is her typical morning routine, she said, "I probably would have fallen off the treadmill. I'm pretty amused by the whole thing."

Blagojevich is obviously positioning himself for life after being governor. I wonder if he'll get a call from Oprah to be on her show.