Saturday, November 22, 2008

Can The Dumping On Michael Vick Please Stop!

Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is presently in Virgina awaiting a Tuesday hearing in which he's expected to plead guilty to two felony charges and receive a suspended sentence related to state dog fighting charges. Vick is currently serving a 23 month sentence, and is scheduled to be released from prison on July 20, 2009.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution is reporting that Vick put family pets in the ring with pit bulls. This information is part of a 17 page report that was filed this past August containing a version of events from an unidentified witness. I have never condoned Vick's actions, and he's pretty much lost everything as a result of making very poor decisions. I am, however, hoping that when Vick, who will be 29, is released from prison that he will be able to make a successful comeback as an NFL quarterback. Has he made very poor decision? Yes he has, but we have CEO's ruining companies every day and receiving multi million dollar salaries, while watching the lives of their employees that they employ potentially go into ruin, because of poor decision making.

It seems that the while the mainstream media is having a field day with Michael Vick's demise, I'm hoping that the has a roaring return to football, and reclaims his place as the most exciting player in the NFL. As Don King would say, "Only In America."

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Anonymous said...

Oh PLEASE!!!! He deserves everything that has happened to him and more. He is a masochist and an evil human being. NO...I will not stop dumping on him. I will do everything possible to make sure he never plays in the NFL again.