Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Walkin' the Walk and Talkin' The Talk

The last two days have found President-elect Barack Obama in the role of introducing his Economic team and a Budget Czar to the American public. Obama is handling the transition to president just as he ran his campaign: smooth, graceful and to the point. He's immediately gained respect from members of both parties as he seamlessly navigates the transition from president-elect to president.

We essentially have a situation of two presidents, as President George Bush's approval ratings are so low, his credibility is minimal to the American people. The American people clearly want change, and Obama is taking the opportunity and running with it. Sure there will be slip ups along the way, but clearly Obama has the ability to view the needs of a particular situation, assess the need, and at least attempt to enact a workable solution. Reuters reports that Obama is essentially a co-president.

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