Monday, November 24, 2008

Are Award Shows Still Relevant?

Last night the American Music Awards were held, and I know that Chris Brown won 3 awards including Artist of the Year. I also saw Kanye go on one of his rants about trying to become Elvis. I watched the first hour in a stupor amazed at the excess of the stage presentations, and they even cleaned the cobwebs off of New Kids On The Block. As I only watched the first hour I had to say to myself does anyone really care about watching these assumed millionaires parade across stage while many in our country are looking for work, or just struggling to stay gainfully employed.

Perhaps our artists of today should remember that they are disposable commodities, and that once they're unable to deliver that next hit record, the record label will drop them like hot potatoes. The excess that I saw during the first hour of the show was really unnecessary, and a toned down performance is possible, and perhaps necessary.

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