Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rev. Wright "I'm Coming After You"

Rev. Jeremiah Wright, our president-elect's former pastor gave a radio interview on Monday to Sirius XM radio opening up some more about his feelings on the recent election and his treatment in the media according to the Chicago Tribune. During the interview, Wright still blamed the media for his treatment, but also stated that he would be holding his former church member accountable while governing our country. While it appears that the 2 have not spoken, Wright states:

"I've already told . . . Obama: On Nov. 5, I'm coming after you," he said. "It's not you the person . . . it's the policies of this country. And as long as you are presiding over policies that grind God's people into the earth, I'm coming after you."The minister, the prophet's role and allegiance is to be faithful to God, not a particular government."

Our President-elect is in for the time of his life as he tries to navigate our country out of this economic morass. Hopefully Rev. Wright will give him a short term pass.


Will Barnes said...

Rev Wright was absolutely right in saying that he is coming after Obama. Obama not only threw him under the bus in June, but also left the church even after Rev Wright had already retired. I appears that he was more concerned about pleasing his white voters than respecting his former pastor who both married him and baptized his children.

Anonymous said...

You as toxic and ignorant as rev wrong! It amazes me the jealousy of negros and downright azz kissers. As long as President Obama runs the country for all people, stuff your head up your butt "The Arse" or better yet yo' mama! A-Hole!!

Anonymous said...

The Arse is a jerk-off, it takes the likes of him to hold his own people back, the called them House N's. Malcolm spoke of these wormytypes, too lazy for their own good and trash a brother for moving ahead, just another dumbass!