Thursday, November 27, 2008

Stephon Should Be More Thankful

Stephon Marbury has not played a single minute for his team, the New York Knicks this year. Marbury, who is in the final year of his contract is scheduled to make $21.9 million dollars this year. Still only 31 years old, Marbury and the Knicks have been in and out out of buyout discussions all year, but with the Knicks presently reorganizing their roster, Marbury now has the opportunity to play but is refusing the offer according to the New York Post.

Like many black athletes, Marbury is letting his ego get the best of him, and if he isn't careful it will also be his downfall. Perhaps Marbury, whose made an estimated $130 million over his career, should consult the other black athletes who have squandered hundreds of millions of dollars before he completely gives the Knicks his backside to kiss. His behavior is eliminating any future career opportunities, and showing that Marbury has forgotten his very humble beginnings as a youngster in New York who lifted an entire family out of poverty.

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