Monday, November 24, 2008

Did Donovan Deserve Better?

Yesterday, the Philadelphia Eagles were humiliated by the Baltimore Ravens 36-7. Trailing 10-7, and their star quarterback Dononvan McNabb clearly laboring, coach Andy Reid decided to bench McNabb in favor of the inexperienced Kevin Kolb. Reid and McNabb came to the Eagles organization at the same time 10 years ago, and McNabb has been nothing but a solid citizen for the franchise leading them to 4 NFC Championship games and 1 Super Bowl Bowl berth.

Andy Reid decided that yesterday was the moment that he essentially lost his starting quarterback. Granted McNabb has been struggling the past few games, but he was owed more than to be told by the quarterback coach that he was being benched. Perhaps he should have gone to Reid and demanded an offensive line, a running game and semi-effective wide receivers. Don't worry Donovan, you've always handled yourself with grace and class. This too will pass and you'll move on to a team that is really willing to support you.

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