Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jayson Williams, Not Tiger Is Biggest Downfall!

Tiger Woods hasn't been seen in public since his November accident that sent his reputation into a downward spiral. One would assume that Tiger is at least somewhere working on his putting stroke while media outlets continue to rehash the same old stories, and guessing on his whereabouts and how much money Elin will be getting in the divorce settlement. Former basketball star Jayson Williams, who once had one of those multi million dollar guaranteed contracts, and was even a NBA commentator upon his retirement due to injury had his second bout with death yesterday in New York. Williams, who it seems has pretty much lost all will to live ran his vehicle into a tree yesterday in New York, fracturing his neck. Williams, who was drinking at the time even told officers that he wasn't driving the vehicle as witnesses saw him slide into the passengers seat.

Williams' made a ton of mistakes leading up to yesterday's latest episode, the main one being shooting a limo driver in 2002 and attempting to cover it up. Whatever issues Tiger Woods may have he appears to be dealing with them in his own way outside of the limelight. Jayson Williams apparently craves for the attention that he once had, and it appears that his story is going to end sadly and tragically.

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