Monday, January 4, 2010

The Fall of Dominic Carter!

Dominic Carter was once on the top of the world as a political reporter for NY1 until his life changed forever on October 22, 2008 when he and his wife Marilyn got into a disagreement at their home over medical care for their son. One thing lead to another and Marilyn called 911 stating that Dominic hit her several times in the face and all over her body. That call set Dominic's world into a downward spiral. Over a year after the incident, November 20, 2009, Dominic was found guilty of misdemeanor assault and now faces 3 months in prison. He also lost his job at the television station and possibly faces losing the family home.

Carter, who is 45 is trying to put his life back together, but having a criminal record may make that difficult. Perhaps he should place a call to Kwame Kilpatrick. Thanks to the New York Post for the update.

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