Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Sean Taylor Story Becomes Even Sadder!

I was introduced to the story via Twitter last night from ESPN reporter Jemele Hill and the Washington Post. Sean Taylor the former NFL star was murdered nearly 2 years ago, leaving an estimated $5.8 million estate to his 3 year old daughter (who is taken care of by her mother and Taylor's fiance at the time of his death), a $650,000 life policy to his sister and over $300,000 to his father as proceeds from a joint bank account. While living, Taylor paid cash for a home that he gave to his mother Donna Junor, but he died without a will and left nothing in death to mom. Fast forward almost 2 years, and Junor is facing foreclosure on the home that she owns free and clear because of back taxes and homeowner fees.

Money often fractures family especially in death if there are riches left in the estate. Taylor didn't have a will, so his baby daughter is and should be fine. It's just interesting that no one has stepped to the plate and assisted his mother, who simply wants to keep her home.

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