Monday, September 28, 2009

A Humbled Vick!

Michael Vick was sounding like his old arrogant self leading up to his first NFL game in 2 seasons, making statements that he thought that he would come back as a starting quarterback. I guess he assumed that missing all of that time wouldn't affect his ability to be an effective player. Vick finally made his return back to the NFL yesterday, and hopefully after appearing on the field for 11 plays and totaling 7 rushing yards, he was humbled about how far away he is from being an effective NFL quarterback again.

The fact that Kevin Kolb was effective in his second start as Donovan McNabb's backup should also end the Vick quarterback controversy statements. If Vick is going to return as a starting quarterback in the NFL it likely won't be with the Philadelphia Eagles. It's clear now that Kolb is McNabb's heir apparent, and that Vick will likely be a end of season trade bargaining chip if the Eagles are smart.

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