Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just Another Day Of Violence In The Killing Of Derrion Albert!

Yesterday the death of Derrion Albert in Chicago last Thursday hit the national stage with everyone having an opinion regarding the death of another African American teenager on our city streets. Albert, only 16 years old and an honor student apparently walked into a mob of teens fighting when he was hit in the head twice fell to the ground and hit in the head once again before being dragged into a building.

The cynic in me says that while there may be an initial uproar over Derrion's death, the reality is that this happens everyday throughout our country, and at an alarming rate in the major cities such as Chicago. Derrion's death is of course senseless and will be mourned, but does anyone really have any remedies. This is the continuing tale of black on black crime, and no one in their right mind can blame racism on this epidemic. This is black people simply continuing to kill a generation with violence without any fear of the consequences.

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Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

If I hate been conditioned to hate myself, then I hate those who look like me. It makes it easier to pull the trigger.