Friday, November 7, 2008

Rev. Wright Is Back!

President-elect Barack Obama's former pastor has been in exile for the last few months, but now that the election is over, and Obama has won, is it just a coincidence that Rev. Wright resurfaced last night at a Milford, Conn. church. reports that Rev. Wright while speaking at a forum on race and religion criticized the media for taking his sermons out of context. Wright also made the following quotes regarding the media, and whether Obama agreed with his sermons:

"Their intention was to use me as a weapon of mass destruction, to tear down that man's integrity."

"Do you agree with everything your pastor says?" Wright asked. "Ninety percent of the people sitting in church don't agree with everything their pastor says. What I saw is not an index on what he did or does not believe."

It's good to see Rev. Jeremiah Wright returning from his sabbatical. The conservative pundits are sure to have a field day with his quotes, and will similarly link them with the President-elect.

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