Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hoping Barack Keeps His Word

Christine M. Flowers writes a pretty eloquent article in the Philadelphia Daily News from a conservative perspective. Flowers states openly that she voted for Sen John McCain, but is willing to give President-elect Barack Obama a fair chance hoping that he keeps his word of being a "change" agent. She calls Obama a brilliant man who has shown that he can win elections, organize communities and create alliances, but questions whether he can run a country.

Conservative pundits continue to label Obama as radical, and far left. With the conditions in our country, I don't envision Obama governing from a far left perspective. He's much too smart, and has to know that a far left governing style will doom his administration. He'll have to be a true "change" agent and build consensus among party lines to truly be successful.

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SjP said...

He's going to continue to hit line drives and home runs straight through center field.