Thursday, August 7, 2008

Joe Barry Carroll Suing Atlanta Restaurant

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution former NBA player, Joe Barry Carroll and his attorney are suing Atlanta restaurant, Tavern at Phipps, for failing to give up their seats at the bar for two white women. The incident occurred about 2 years ago, and at that time Carroll and his attorney, Joseph Shaw (who was with Carroll at the time of the incident) filed a complaint against the City of Atlanta's Human Relations Commission. The commission ruled that the restaurant discriminated on the basis of gender and possibly race, leading to the the federal lawsuit that was recently filed.

Joe Barry Carroll is 7'1", and the restaurant asked him to give up his seat! It'll be interesting to see how this suit resolves itself, but on the surface it looks like the restaurant should just "cut the check."


Anonymous said...

I am a white business owner who does quite well for myself,and I had to respond when I read this article.I have taken many well to do, well behaved clients to the Tavern and have experienced the same treatment as Mr. Carroll.Rude bartenders who's only purpose seems to be to cater to attractive women.The waitresses are just as rude and discriminating as to whom they select to be served. I no longer frequent the place.

Anonymous said...

Good for Joe Barry for standing up to this BS. He and his colleague were patrons who should not be coerced into a behaviour. The owner of the establishment should be ashamed.

btw...I'm not a person of color other than red, white, and blue.