Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kanye's Diamonds!

Kanye West is such a talented entertainer when he's on his game. One of the best rappers in hip-hop and a top producer. His achilles heel has always been his uninhibited personality that causes him to do things without thinking first. The Taylor Swift incident is an example, with the assistance of a few drinks. Kanye's all over the place now promoting his album slated to be released next month and a short form movie for his song "Runaway". If you pay close attention to him now, you can see that he's replaced the bottom row of his teeth with diamonds.

I'm not sure what made Kanye replace his teeth with diamonds, but I hope that he's not headed to a world that only he understands. Michael Jackson went into his own world and we lost him forever. It would be sad to lose the talented Mr. West the same way.


Anonymous said...

I guess he is being just as selfish as those on "Viagra" Just thinking of himself.

Anonymous said...

Viagra and Diamonds, not sure how the 2 compare. Don't we all think of ourselves. Do you, Kanye!!