Friday, October 22, 2010

Juan Williams' Good Fortune After Being Fired By NPR!

In these times of economic uncertainty, and continued 10% unemployment, Juan Williams was fired Wednesday by NPR for comments that he made on "The O'Reilly Factor" stating that at times he feels uncomfortable when he sees Muslims in full in "full garb" when on airplanes. Williams was stating how he felt in the statement, but NPR felt that he was stating an opinion and not meeting the journalistic standards of the company. Williams, who appears the Fox News in various capacities promptly signed a 3 year $2 million contract with Fox yesterday.

Juan Williams is a best selling author and liberal commentator who regularly appears on "The O'Reilly Factor". Now Williams is not considered a "far left" liberal on most subjects, but he's a avid supporter of liberal issues and can hold his own with any conservative opponent. NPR's loss in Fox News' gain, and with this firing more people will be more aware of Williams and the contributions that he makes to fair journalism.

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