Friday, September 24, 2010

Woody Paige's Gift In The Wake of Kenny McKinley's Death!

Columnist Woody Paige wrote the following words in this article yesterday in the Denver Post:

"Why would a smart, personable, resolute, "happy-go-lucky" Kenny McKinley — with a college education, a young son, a $385,000 contract and a bright future in football and life — commit suicide Sept. 20, 2010?"

It turns out that Paige had suicidal thoughts 8 years ago. Lucky for Paige, he had friends who saw his desperation and saved him. McKinley, apparently had made comments about taking his life, but no one ever imagined that he would actually do it. He obviously had demons that he was fighting that he couldn't shake. I hope that his death will not be in vain, and that anyone who is having suicidal thoughts will seek help . McKinley will be memorialized on Monday in Austell, GA, hopefully he has the peace now that he couldn't find in life.

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