Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sex Allegations Against Eddie Long!

Anthony Flagg, 20 and Maurice Robinson, 21 have brought sexual coercion charges against Bishop Eddie Long, leader of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in suburban Atlanta. New Birth is a mega church with an estimated membership of more than 25,000. The young men allege that Long coerced them into inappropriate relations with lavish gifts and even the use of his Bentley. The young men are represented by B.J. Bernstein who assisted Genarlow Wilson in the appeal of his aggravated child molestation conviction.

It should be stated that Robinson was arrested in June for burglarizing the church and has confessed. Bernstein states that the act was in retaliation after discovering that Long has been having relations with other "spiritual sons" within the church. Long, through a spokesman has denied the charges, but one has to wonder why these young men would expose themselves to this scrutiny if there wasn't some truth in the charges. The whole story is sordid and disgusting and Long owes it to his followers to speak the truth, whatever that is in his mind. The Atlanta Journal Constitution provides additional information on this story.

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