Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Philly Public Housing Director Has A Storm Over His Head!

Philadelphia Public Housing Executive Director Carl Greene has had a cloud over his head since revelations came out that he's facing foreclosure on his $615,000 condo in Philly in which he owes $387,000 and recently paid a $52,000 tax lien in March of this year. Greene presently makes over $300,000 per year and is eligible for bonuses. Yesterday it was disclosed that Greene had a sexual harassment claim filed against him earlier this year according to the Philadelphia Daily News.

Compounding Greene's issues is the fact that he has not been heard from since the controversies began surfacing and will not be in the office today either. By all accounts Greene has done a credible job as head of Philadelphia's Public Housing, but going underground is not helping his case, especially when former Mayor John Street is on the housing board and Greene's not even responding to his requests for explanations.

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