Monday, August 16, 2010

Lance Stephenson Arrested!

Former New York basketball phenom Lance Stephenson was arrested yesterday for allegedly pushing his girlfriend down a flight of stairs according to the New York Post. Jasmine Williams, the mother of Stephenson's child told police that she was pushed down 10 steps and hit her head. Stephenson was charged with 2 counts of assault amongst other charges.

Lance Stephenson was a second round pick of the Indiana Pacers after playing one year of college ball at the University of Cincinnati. He has a 2 year contract which guarantees him about $1.5 million in salary. Stephenson has had previous issues with females as he plead guilty to groping a 17 year-old female while in high school last year. His pro career could get derailed before it gets started with this latest transgression. Larry Bird is a no nonsense team president for the Pacers so I'm sure he'll be monitoring these charges pretty closely. Tears aren't needed for Stephenson, but he could become just another statistic who blew a great opportunity.

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