Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mama Knows Best!

I honestly thought that Michael Vick was toast after the birthday party altercation, but lucky for him he gets to play another day. Vick was cleared by the NFL to play yesterday and he met with reporters on the first day of training camp discussing the events of June 24. Vick stated the following concerning listening to his mother:

"If I could recheck and do it all over again I would listen to my mom and have it private and let her and my fiancé orchestrate the party," "I didn't do it and that goes to show that mama knows best. . . . You got to start listening to your mom at some point."

He also stated that he knows that he's on thin ice, and that his career hangs by a thread in terms of any type of negative transgression. Vick will have to be a perfect citizen for the remainder of his career, and he truly knows that now.


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