Friday, July 30, 2010

Lorenzen Wright Tragedy Was So Unnecessary!

The moment that Lorenzen Wright's family reported him missing, we knew that this story wasn't going to end well. Wright's body was found 2 days ago in Memphis with his body covered in a wooded area of thick brush. Wright, who played 13 seasons in the NBA, and made millions, apparently was having a rough time. He'd recently lost 2 million dollar homes in Atlanta and Memphis, and now a new revelation that his ex-wife Sherra Robinson Wright had received a visit at her Memphis home from 3 men with guns in their waistband looking for Wright in recent weeks. When Wright returned to Memphis from Atlanta, he was gunned down on July 19th.

Speculation on the cause of Lorenzen Wright's death will not end the pain for his family and his 6 children. Wright had achieved the American Dream, and apparently lost it. His story should be a seminar to all athletes that the money can be lost and that you can return to the addictive lure of the streets from which you came. Lorenzen Wright's life deserved a better ending, and all we can do now is pray for his family in friends in their time of sorrow.


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