Friday, May 14, 2010

Can't Get Back Your Youth!

Kevin Garnett had some advice for LeBron James last night as he ponders free agency since his basketball season is now over as Garnett's Boston Celtics vanquished James' Cleveland Cavaliers. Garnett told reporters that while loyalty to a team is fine, that you can't get back your youth and that he would've left his first team the Minnesota Timberwolves a lot sooner if he knew what he knows now.

While James states that he will consult with "his team" to make a decision regarding free agency, it's obvious that he probably will be leaving the Cavaliers. While the team has done it's best to give James a quality supporting cast, the team as assembled just isn't good enough. While LeBron James will get stronger from the losing, like Garnett said, "you can't get back your youth."

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