Thursday, December 3, 2009

Uchitel Apparently Fessing Up to Being With Tiger!

This Tiger Woods affair story is now in it's 7th day and becoming more and more smelly. Rachel Uchitel, the first alleged mistress, who initially denied a relationship with Woods, apparently will be holding a press conference and confirming a relationship with the world's greatest golfer. My first question is why is a press conference even necessary. Tiger issued a statement via his web site admitting "transgressions", etc. He's asked for privacy, and day by day amazingly another woman comes out of the woodwork. Admittedly if Tiger had been "clean" none of this would be an issue, but it all just seems to convenient and at this point a non-story except for the sordid details coming out from the women, including one who was apparently paid $150,000 for saving a voicemail from Tiger.

Yes Tiger being the world's greatest athlete has brought all of the fame and fortune that he's obviously chased and wanted. Now that Tiger's imperfections are out for all the world to see does it really improve the unemployment levels or turn the world on it's axis. All of this just seems like overkill with people dumping on Mr. Woods. At the end of the day he's still the world's greatest athlete, and he'll probably not lose any sponsors, and we'll lose the insight of of a man whose maximized all of his skills and really could give valid insight for all of us regarding maximizing our potential. Sadly Tiger will truly never trust the media again, and will be even more guarded making all of us worse for losing a piece of him.

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