Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Coming From Everywhere After Tiger!

I'm sure a week ago Tiger Woods never expected that the women would be coming out of the woodwork bragging about his exploits, text messages and voice mail messages. Well, welcome to the world of tabloid celebrity, Tiger. Jaimee Grubbs is the first woman to confirm an extramarital relationship with the best golfer in the world and she's taking her story to Us Weekly. Other stories of cover ups are surfacing, which are intended to sully Tiger's once impeccable reputation. Tiger is doing the best thing by keeping low, and surfacing next month when the new golf season begins.
He's now going through what other athletes have lived through such as Michael Jordan and ARod. His buddy Charles Barkley says Tiger should come before the cameras, make a statement and be done. I'm sure Tiger will do that when the time is right, but in the mean time life as he once knew it doesn't exist anymore.

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