Friday, December 11, 2009

Is Tiger An Issue Because He Cheated On His White Wife?

Now Hollywood madam Michelle Braun is dishing about everything Tiger Woods. When this story initially broke the whole thing smelled to no end and it gets stinkier everyday. I'm just curious as to why all of this is important, and at this point it really seems to be about taking down Mr. Woods which is quite interesting since before this scandal broke, Tiger was just a nerdy guy who was a great golfer who considered himself Caubalasian. Race is always my last thought on most things, but I'd venture to say if Tiger was married to a black woman, that this story would be over. I could be wrong, but the smellier this story gets, it just seems that way. The media seems hellbent on bringing down the brotha who cheated on his white wife. I could be wrong, but I suspect that I'm right on point.


SjP said...

Yes, I've wondered if this would be a constant headline if his wife was Black. Michael Jordan wasn't raked over the coals for his numerous affairs while married to Juanita. So, it certainly does make you wonder...

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