Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Has Elin Moved On?

I was hoping that I was done writing about the Tiger Woods scandal, but needless the say when the media smells a scent they go in for the kill, and Tiger is getting knocked down to the point of taking a standing eight count. The tally of alleged women has hit 10 and Mrs. Woods has apparently moved out to a nearby residence while also purchasing a home in Sweden according to the New York Post.

Also, even though the cops have closed the accident case, Woods' condition after the crash is now being questioned including hints that Woods had been drinking during the day and taking prescription medications. Tiger also was scheduled to be the best man at a friends wedding, but now will apparently be a no show. He's obviously gone into hiding as a new woman seems to come out everyday alleging an affair. Mr. Woods is used to being in control of his image, which he has lost. Unfortunately he'll probably never regain that again, which for him has to be pretty humbling.

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