Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Obama Clean

As suspected, President-elect Barack Obama's team released their internal report regarding the Gov. Rod Blagojevich's scandal. The report states that Obama had no contact with "Blago" but that incoming Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel did discuss the vacant Illinois Senate seat and a possible appointment of Valerie Jarrett who took a position as an Obama advisor. Obama did, however, sit down with federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's staff to discuss his knowledge of any contact that his team had with Blagojevich. Thanks to the Chicago Sun-Times for the information.

At this point, this is a non story in relation to the president-elect. It will stay front and center because of the Chicago political cesspool that launched Obama.

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MacDaddy said...

This is where I find the media disgusting. This has never been a story. I could see them doing a story or two on this. But by talking about this every day, all day, the media is making a story to keep us watching. Meanwhile, bad things are happening in our economy and all over the world. Good things too. Real stories.