Friday, December 26, 2008

Nutter Taking Care Of His Own

I guess it doesn't matter that the city that you've been elected to lead has a ridiculously high crime rate, a failing educational system, and a growing homeless problem. Despite the economy being in a recession and your city facing massive budget cuts, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has decided that his staff deserves to make more money than the staff of his predecessor John Street according to the Philadelphia Daily News. Even after budget cuts, Nutter's staffers will make $1.8 million more than Street's staffers.

Nutter states that the city is making an investment in quality people. This issue deserves close scrutiny by the residents of the city, because Nutter is going against conventional wisdom unless he's also putting money into other services.


Anonymous said...

You are wrong - good people cost money. Further, if you saw the kind of money that people are actually making and what kind of effort and skill they bring to the job, you wouldn't think most were overpaid; in fact, you'd think they should make more.

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