Monday, November 17, 2008

Obama On "60 Minutes"

President-elect Barack Obama appeared on "60 Minutes" last night, giving a separate interview and a joint interview with his wife Michelle to Steve Kroft. Nothing earth shattering was disclosed except that the Obama's reinforced the notion that their both ready for their "life changing" mission that will be here in January. Obama did acknowledge that there are many problems that need to be addressed, and in my heart I know he's up for the challenge. A complete transcript of Obama's portion of the interview is on the CBS site.

While Obama was noncommittal about the appointment of Sen. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, the New York Post reports that George Stephanopoulos, a former top aide to President Bill Clinton who now hosts ABC News' "This Week," yesterday wrote that sources told him that "Obama wants Hillary Clinton to be his secretary of state and that Clinton wants the job, too." "But there's one significant complication: how to make sure that former President Clinton's foreign speeches, business dealings and foundation work don't present conflicts of interest," wrote Stephanopoulos, adding that the "Clinton Team" now is working on that issue.

If Obama truly wants Clinton as his Secretary of State, and she indeed wants the job, I'm sure that they'll find a way to make it happen.

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