Friday, November 21, 2008

Baltimore Teen Being Charged With Grandmother's Death

The Baltimore Sun is reporting the sad story of Jabreria Handy, who lived with her grandparents, and also only 16 at the time, being charged with the murder of her 69 year old grandmother Eunice Taylor. Jabreria reportedly got into an argument with her grandmother over pictures hanging on a wall, pinned her wrists down on the bed, and her grandmother subsequently died of a heart attack. Jabreria is now being charged with second degree murder.

Where is all of this anger coming from young people.

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Iam Robert said...

I don't know what this young lady's situation is, but I would bet there is no father or positive male figure around. Problem is this is an all to common problem--we see lots of it here in Atlanta, GA. Remember the girl who was haraassing the women on MARTA? Or the young man who killed his police officer mom.

Perhaps one of the root causes of all of this is the disfunction of the black family:

No male, or at least no positive male figure in the house.
A mom who is alone, tired, and angry that she is and has to do it all alone.
A mom who, for whatever reason, just doesn't not know how to let a positive black man be one.
A lack of positive, knowledgeble support groups within our community in general.