Tuesday, February 25, 2014

3 Years Goes By Fast!

It's been 3 long years since by last post on this site.  I've missed so much, but so little has changed.

  • R&B music has been rendered nearly irrelevant unless you include the "ratchet" hip-hop that continues to hit the airwaves.  Quality R&B is simply being ignored as evidenced by the recent Grammy awards.  Nothing against John Legend, but when "All of Me" is the best that traditional R&B has to offer, audiences are being short changed big time.
  • LeBron James continues to be the dominant athlete that moves the meter at ESPN.  Now that Tim Tebow has been rendered a quarterback fraud, LeBron is back to being Skip Bayless' whipping boy on "First Take".  Continue to drown out the haters LeBron, you're doing just fine.
  •  "Coming Out" is now the "In Thing" for the professional athlete.  When did an athlete's sexual orientation trump performance on the court or field?  Just curious.
Like MJ said many years ago, simply, "I'm Back"!

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