Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ted Williams Cleans Up Well!

By now everyone has heard the story of Ted Williams, who caught the eye of a Columbus Dispatch reporter with a sign that he had the "God Given Gift of Voice." Williams has become a YouTube sensation and received numerous job offers including an offer from the Cleveland Cavaliers. He just announced on "The Today Show" that Kraft Foods has even offered him a job to do voice over work for one of their products. Williams, who is 53 years-old states that he has 9 children and is a recovering drug and alcohol abuser.

Williams' story has a chance to end well despite his problems with abuse and the crime issues. Interesting that prospective employers are accepting his sketchy background, but will not give others opportunities who also have had issues. Perhaps Ted Williams' story will also be a wake up call for employers as well. Only In America!


Keith Jamez said...

Yeah, gimme break! What about all the radio voices 'on the street' through no fault of their own? God bless Ted, but there is a bigger story here.

Anonymous said...

Yes cleans up nice...could use a new grill. #imjustsayn

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