Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Unnecessary Death of Bobby Tillman!

18 year-old Bobby Tillman attended what was intended to be a small house party in Douglasville, GA on Saturday evening. The party escalated to possibly as many 80 people and became out of control. According to reports, a female attendee hit a male attendee for some unknown reason. The male, choosing not to hit the female back, decided to hit the next male walking by who happened to be young Bobby. Upon being hit, Bobby was assaulted by more young men ultimately resulting in his death.

4 young men are now in jail being charged with Bobby Tillman's death. This is truly one of the truly unnecessary killings in recent memory. If this is an 18 and 19 year-old black male's mentality to hit another person without provocation, then the next generation is truly in trouble. Immediately 5 lives are gone, Tillman's mother has lost a son and this is not even considering what the owner's of the house that held the party is having to deal with in terms of future lawsuits.

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