Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Is Carmelo Really Thinking?

Carmelo Anthony began his 8th media day with the Denver Nuggets yesterday amid trade rumors that have him being traded to either the New Jersey Nets or the Philadelphia 76ers. Anthony is a free agent after this season and has a $65 million contract on the table from the Nuggets that he has refused to sign. The Nuggets fearing a LeBron James debacle have decided to trade Anthony if he doesn't sign the contract extension.

Anthony may be making a bad decision along with "his team". It's likely that next year the owners will lock out the players in an effort to bring costs down which will likely impact player salaries. Anthony's probably looking at his last $20 million a year payday but is acting like he has all the leverage. If I were the Nuggets, I would make him play out the season. I know they run the risk of losing him for nothing, but Carmelo Anthony as much as I love him as a player is not even the leader of his own team, that happens to be Chauncey Billups, and he's definitely not LeBron James.

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